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Ensure your work by sending every client home with our exclusive AfterCare Kit that contains Nighttime Conditioner and Cleansing Pads with pomegranate seed extract for conditioning, glycol and carbonate-free NovaLash Mascara, an extra mascara wand to comb through the lashes each morning, and an Aftercare Instruction Card.
NovaLash AfterCare Kit
cleanLASH by NOVALASH® is designed to not only remove dirt, pollutants and any make-up your clients wear, but will also prolong the life and radiance of their extensions by conditioning and restoring moisture. These cotton pads have been saturated with pomegranate seed extract to detangle and promote healthy lashes and help to reduce flipping and tangling of the lashes, while simultaneously nourishing the eye area.
cleanLash 3-in-1 Conditioner, Cleanser & Makeup Remover Pads by NovaLash
Straight to the Point! If your clients desire a thicker, darker lash line, even after the extensions are applied, we’ve got the answer for you!  NovaLash’s LashLiner is a micro-slim lining pencil that can reach where no other eyeliner can, in between each lash!  Sharpen the pencil to a fine point to deposit rich, black color between the eyelash hairs for the ultimate, sexy lash line that will turn heads.
LASHLiner by Novalash
Doctor Up Your Lashes! 
Lash+Doctor is an eyelash and eyebrow growth serum that is designed to condition and strengthen hair growth. Scientifically formulated, our pH balanced formula is safe for contact wearers and compatible with NovaLash adhesives.  Lash+Doctor is enhanced with natural plant extracts, peptides and multivitamins, with continued use; fuller and fortified lashes will appear. Lash+Doctor helps lashes and brows become more resilient and resistant to loss and breakage, appearing full, lustrous and more youthful
Designed specifically for use with NovaLash Eyelash Extensions, this water-soluble formula is rich in vitamins A, E and C to condition and nourish your lashes. The clump-free hollow-fiber brush lifts & separates lashes for a perfect application each time. Use of mascara is generally not needed when wearing lash extensions, but can be used to coat any extension-free lashes that may appear when a touch-up application is needed.
Vitamin Rich - Clump Free - Novalash Mascara
Need your lashes removed? No problem. We can get them off for you nice and easy at a time that is convenient for you.
Eyelash Removal
You asked and we delivered. Lashes By Linda is now offering mink eyelash extensions. Mink eyelashes are made of 100% mink fur, brushed from live mink, meaning no animals were harmed in their cultivation.  Mink lashes are completely sterilized and hypoallergenic.  They offer a natural shine and a lightweight feel not offered by synthetic lashes.  Mink lashes are adhered to your natural lashes, not your skin, so they are also more comfortable than synthetics.
100% Mink Lashes (Full Set)
Gorgeous, professional grade, Novalash lashes applied to both eyes, from 75-150 depending on your choice of fullness. Beautiful, long lasting, and natural looking.
NovaLash, Nylon/Synthetic Lashes (Full Set)
Beautiful LBL NovaLash Extensions for your lower eyelashes. Gorgeous and natural looking - you'll love it!
Bottom Lashes - NovaLash, Nylon/Synthetic Lashes
Keep those all natural lashes lovely with a three week fill.
Mink Lash Fill (3 Weeks)
Fills to replenish those lost lashes. Choose from a weekly, two week, or three week fill to meet your needs. $40 for a weekly fill.
NovaLash, Nylon/Synthetic Lashes Fill (Weekly)
Fills to replenish those lost lashes. Choose from a weekly, two week, or three week fill to meet your needs. $50 for a two week fill.
NovaLash, Nylon/Synthetic Lashes Fill (Two Week Fill)
Fills to replenish those lost lashes. Choose from a weekly, two week, or three week fill to meet your needs. $60 for a three week fill.
NovaLash, Nylon/Synthetic Lashes Fill (Three Week Fill)
Give the gift of Gorgeous with a gift certificate from LBL. Choose from our set dollar amounts or choose any quantity you please. Digital or hardcopy certificates available. Free shipping on hard copy certifcates, digital delivered right to your inbox. For specific dollar amounts, add one $1 GC to your shopping cart, then manually adjust the quantity when viewing your entire shopping cart. Certicate Registration Required.
LBL Gift Certificates

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